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HEAV Synopsis

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4 September 2009


The information-gathering phase of the Vocabularies Review is now closed. The findings and proposals will be discussed at an all-day meeting at Academy York on 21 September 2009 - please contact Mike Clarke at Academy York to book a place if you wish to attend.




30 terms have been suggested (not all of them are new terms and a few are unsuitable as HEAV terms). Preliminary thoughts on how the new terms could be added to HEAV have been posted on the HEAV Discussion page.




No additional suggestions were received during July.


August (WB 10/8)


'Curriculum design' has been suggested as an additional term; comments on how it could be integrated into HEAV are on the HEAV Discussion page.


August (WB 24/8)


A number of additional terms have been suggested, including 'Bologna Process' which may be too specific for HEAV. See the HEAV Discussion page for further details.

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