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EvidenceNet Update: June

Page history last edited by Bex Hedderick 9 years, 5 months ago

EvidenceNet update: June


This update is to let you know about EvidenceNet developments. As well as telling you about new features and functionality, we will give you a sneak peek at newly added resources,networks and upcoming events. We hope you find it interesting.



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Usability update

We have recently added a “Contribute” page to EvidenceNet, which allows users to submit their own content: http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/EvidenceNet/contribute. These could be resources, networks or events, and could be submitted as individual items or batches. We have also developed an online case study form, which is designed to help users to create a case study about some aspect of their pedagogical practice, in around 15-20 minutes. Our research has shown that users particularly value these kinds of informal case studies, and we hope that they will become a key feature of EvidenceNet.





Feature Resource


 Postgraduate education in the United Kingdom

Author: Higher Education Policy Institute & The British Library

Publication date: January 2010


Brief description:

This report brings together previously published data and reports to give a definitive picture of the postgraduate sector in the UK. It looks at several aspects of the postgraduate landscape, including costs and benefits of postgraduate study to institutions and students, as well as future demand for postgraduate courses.



One of the key findings of the report concerns the changing value of a postgraduate qualification. The postgraduate “premium”, the economic advantage of a postgraduate education, has fallen significantly since 2002. The largest drop has been in comparison with a third class undergraduate qualification: 32% down from 38%.


The report also highlights the impact of the current recession on postgraduate recruitment. Early reports from universities indicate record levels of recruitment amongst UK domiciled students, because of the poor job market encountered by those leaving finishing undergraduate courses.


On the international front, the report states that developments in higher education around the world has made the market for international students more competitive in recent years. While the UK is second only to the United States in numbers of international students, the importance of international students to university finances means that the UK will have to continue to actively market itself as a world leader.



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Wiki additions


The EvidenceNet Wiki links resources together to provide space for collaboration and discussion on particular areas. The following page has been created in the last month:


Title: The NSS as a quality enhancement tool in Scotland

This collects together the resources from an event in Scotland on 29 April, designed for Scottish HEIs to discuss and share models for realising the enhancement potential of the NSS. It contains the programme, presentations, and relevant research papers, case studies and links.


Title: The Higher Education Academy annual conference 2010

The Academy’s annual conference will be held on 22-3 June, and this Wiki provides useful information about the various themes that will be covered at the event. It will also host the presentations as they arrive.


Title: CETL Conference 2010

This collects all of the resources related to the event held on 20 May to mark the end of the CETL initiative. As well as the programme and presentations, this will include useful links and resources.


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Recently added resources


Title: NSS Institutional case studies

This document contains 12 case studies that have been provided by a variety of institutions to demonstrate how they are using data from the National Student Survey (NSS) to enhance the student learning experience.


Title: Profiling exiting postgraduate students' performance and experiences

This study aimed to determine completion rates for postgraduate programmes in Education at one higher education institution, to identify the students' needs and to investigate their experiences of postgraduate studies.


Title: Analysis of Scottish NSS results

This is a presentation that was given by members of the Academy’s Evidence-Informed Practice team at an event in Scotland in April 2010. It contains the key findings of work carried out by the Academy comparing NSS results for Scottish HEIs and the UK as a whole.


Title: One step beyond (Summary)

This is a summary by the EvidenceNet team of “One step beyond: making the most of postgraduate education”, a report from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills reviewing postgraduate education in the UK, led by Adrian Smith.


Title: A tale of two “Qualities”: reflections on the quality revolution in higher education

This is a new paper by J Newton reflected on what has been learned about how quality has been received in higher education.


Title: Social class and higher education

This is an EvidenceNet research synthesis by J Stevenson and M Lang.



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Recently added networks


Title: Plagiarism advice user group

This user group meets regularly to discuss good practice in the use and implementation of the Turnitin plagiarism detection software, and also associated issues relating to plagiarism and ensuring the authenticity of students’ submitted work.


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Upcoming events


Title: Don’t look back: Reflections on the experience of enhancing new history programmes through the use of multiple learning technologies

Loughborough, 01/06/10


Title: Developing an employer responsive learning provision

Newport, 09/06/10


Title: Success in developing student employability: Employability CETL conference 2010

Sheffield Hallam University, 10/06/10


Title: Taking the ‘Ass’ out of Assessment: First level assessment and feedback (FLAP) project conference

Leeds Metropolitan University, 16/06/10


Title: HEA Annual Conference 2010

University of Hertfordshire, 22-23/06/10


Title: Internationalising higher education: Where next?

University of Plymouth, 30/06/10


Title: GEES early career lecturers workshop

University of Plymouth, 06-07/07/10


Title: Teaching philosophical and religious studies ‘Beyond Boundaries’

Birmingham City University, 09/07/10


Title: Technology for learning: developing the teachers

Newcastle College, 09/07/10


Title: Tomorrow’s sustainable university

University of Bradford, 15-16/07/10



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Contact details

To discuss sharing your resources through EvidenceNet, or to get answers to your questions, please contact either Laura Hodsdon (laura.hodsdon@heacademy.ac.uk) or Alex Buckley (alex.buckley@heacademy.ac.uk) (Tel. 01904 717500).


If you require this Update in a more accessible format, please email us at evidencenet@heacademy.ac.uk and we will send an alternative copy to you. 


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